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RADICAL FRIENDS THEME vocals: Michelle Courtens & Chihiro Geuzebroek,
guitar: Bastiaan Mulder, base: Jurre Hogervorst, drum: Bob Schimscheimer, music producer: Gilian Baracs

For the movie Radical Friends there are 4 songs written by Chihiro featured in the movie: Radical Friends, 10 ft tall, Naked & Turkish Apple Tea. There were 2 more songs composed for the radical friends theater show but they didn’t make it into the movie.

Beneath you find a few demo songs by Chihiro.

– RADICAL FRIENDS (2010) theme song to the movie, a studio version ft Michelle Courtens on vocals will soon be released

– MR JAR (2009) Cheating man, deceiving himself

– BELLYBUTTON BLISTERS (2009) stuckness & self reflection, you know what I mean?

– MAGIC (2009) written around the year 2000 this is Chihiro’s first love song

– RUNWAY (2008) a song about inadequacy, written back in the days of start-out-singersongwriting

Besides writing songlyrics Chihiro Geuzebroek has worked on a spokenword theater production and has performed on different open mics in different countries.

– RIGHTS FOR MOTHER EARTH, De Stem van een vrouw production (2013)


FUTURE spoken word

– ECOCIDE, Jumping Tracks Poetry Album (2014)

HEALING (Risho Ankoku Ron), Modern day Buddhist poetry (2013)

WATERin assignment for Love me I’m Humble Production Benefit for clean drinking water project(2013)

Poetry Show “De Stem van een Vrouw performed in Rotterdam (left to right: Bellita Carol, Chihiro Geuzebroek, Nadira Jansen, Patricia Maria Silva, Islene Vemba, Thania Balinge)