Other creative work

Chihiro Geuzebroek started writing lyrics when she was 15 years old. When she was 17 she wrote a musical ‘Holy Shit; you know what you want but where to start?” – a modern take on Jesus Christ Superstar. It would take 5 more years before she started performing her own songs she persuaded the great gypsy jazz guitarist Kostas Giannakopoulos to accompany her.
Her biggest gig so far was in Bolivia 2011 during Carnaval in a stadium where famous folklore pop group Aullagas was playing and they called her on stage to join them for a few songs.

After having done small performances with Hans van Kalken (guitarist/ composer) at CREA, Melkweg in Belgium and at the Occupy stage on Beursplein she was asked to sing at the No-to-Austerity protest sep 21st 2013 where over 5000 people came to protest.

Previous work

Spoken word poetry was unknown territory until 2013.
Almost by accident Chihiro ended up in the production ‘De stem van een vrouw’(The voice of a woman) initiated by the spoken word poet Nadira Jansen. The show was performed in Rotterdam and has since been adapted and performed at other venues.

To warm up for the show Geuzebroek made some test run performances and the response was so overwhelmingly positive, she soon found herself composing pieces upon requests performing at Buddhist meetings aswell as parties.Delighted by the discovery of yet another way to boost peoples minds and hearts, Geuzebroek is has since performed at open mics in Los Angeles and London.

The best known piece is “Rights for Mother Earth” and has a variety of pieces on climate, water and environmental politics and healing.

Previous work