Film & Activism: After graduating from the University of Amsterdam Chihiro looked out for additional courses in activist, DIY film production.This led her to participate in the YESLAB workshop given by The Yesmen (Amsterdam 2011). Besides learning about organising hoax-activism the Yesmen agreed to do a camio in her feature film RADICAL FRIENDS.

In 2012 Chihiro went to London for the SWOT masterclass given by UK documentary director Franny Armstrong and awesome producer Lizzie Gillett (Age of Stupid) where she learned more about indy environmental media from preproduction till release.

Film & Assignments: Chihiro started by making occasional contributions to BodhiTV and social justice action reports.

In 2010 she directed and produced her debut feature documentary RADICAL FRIENDS. This coming of political age movie filmed in Bolivia, France, Netherlands and Denmark follows her personal journey of learning about the Bolivian cosmovision of Mother Earth and protecting rights for mountains and rivers. In Bolivia she is also confronted how estarnged she is from her own Bolivian roots and her Bolivian father who does not share her passion for climate activism.

The movie went in premiere at the International Human Right Filmfestival, Sucre Bolivia where it won the jury award for BEST BOLIVIAN FEATURE.

Radical Friends was selected for diverse festivals in South America, Canada, Netherlands and Czech republic. Besides local broadcast at Canal Capital, Colombia Radical Friends was broadcast by TELESUR in 2016 in four continents during the 2016 UN Climate Summit.

In 2017 she started research for a new feature documentary project in Mexico

Previous work